Ipooding for your Iphone

August 26, 2013 2:36 am

The Iphone’s cases become popular when they don’t make any “fresh” feeling, just so tough and grid. With Ipooding, you will change your mind.

The iPooding is a liquid filled case with small moving balls in it, giving it a snow globe effect. It is a peel-and-stick cover that you can apply directly on your iPhone or iPhone case.

Inserted with harmless liquid paraffin, iPooding gives you the softest grip for your iPhone, like a soft pudding.

IPooding is a winner in the Reddot product design award, which is often referred to as the Noble Prize of the design industry.

iPooding also has a refreshing scent that you will carry wherever you go.

***More information:

Material: Liquid paraffin

Color: Blue, Pink, Yellow, Green

Price: $ 28

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