Lift your imagination off the page

August 15, 2013 3:02 am

It’s a pen that can help you create everything by a new way.

Be an amazing product of Wobble Works company, the pen which looks very simple became the world’s first 3D printing pen ever.

3D printing pen is like calling a ballpoint an inkjet printing pen. No need computer, no need software, you can draw whatever you want, easy use : You just plug it into a power socket and can start drawing anything within minutes.

3Doodler is a brand new way of creating objects and artistic works. Whether you are an artist, hobbyist or 3D printing fanatic, we can’t wait to see what you 3Doodle!

*** More information:

  • Nozzle:0.7mm
  • Operating environment: Extruder 230℃-246℃ ABS
  • Power Consumption:12V
  • Size:Ф31-45*179mm
  • Package Weight :500g
  • Price: $ 75
  • Buy now…

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