Mini Cinema For iPhone 5

September 3, 2013 3:43 am

This is a wonderful tool for you to enjoy your favorite movies.

You don’t have an Ipad  but still wanna watching movies on Iphone 5? There is a new solution that is easier and much cheaper than buying a new Ipad: Mini Cinema For iPhone 5.

The Mini Cinema amplifies your iPhone’s sound and magnifies the screen size using a large magnification panel and a tuba-shaped funnel. Just place your iPhone in the dock and that is it! Now your iPhone looks and sounds bigger than it actually is! Apparently size matters-and great sound, too.

***More information:

Technology: Precision die casting + fresnel lens

Material: Silica gel

Height:100mm Width:150mm Thickness:100mm

Weight: 385g

Color: Blue, Black

Compatibility: iPhone 5

Price: $ 49.9

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