Secrets in the plug

August 20, 2013 3:04 pm

It looks just like a regular plug outlet but who knows what are hidden inside!!!

Made from high impact plastic and metal, it’s very easy to install and safe for you to hide valuables that you don’t want a thief to find.

The wall socket safe comes with a template, saw, and a key. You use the template to trace the rectangular pattern on your wall that will become the opening for the hidden safe. You then use the saw to cut through the drywall and make the opening. Slide the wall socket safe into the opening you just created and use the key to lock it. When you need to take something out or put something in, just use the key to open and close it.

***More information:

Dimensions: 8.1 x 3.8 x 3 inches, 1 pound

Material: Plastic, metal

Price: $ 10.44

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